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Thank you for purchasing my theme . Please read this document and explore the item comments and FAQ items for further information and help. For questions on basic WordPress installation/usage, HTML, JavaScript or CSS editing - please try the ThemeForest forums, W3Schools, the Wordpress Codex or Google as theme errors/issues get top priority.

Uploading Zunday Theme Via FTP Server
Installing From The Wordpress

If The XML file will not load, its most likely due to host limitations. In this case, please contact your hosting company.

Zunday has an advanced Zunday Options panel that is loaded with options. There are too many options to go over in these docs but please take some time and navigate through each tab. Go to Zunday Options and take a look. We've organized them into logical sets and have given descroptions for items that need it, most things are self explanatory. Be sure to hit Save Changes to save your settings once you are done. 

You can also backup your theme options, click on the Import / Export tab and copy the data inside the Transfer Zunday Options Data field.

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